To be the best you can-The most required new age skill-Part-3

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Intelligence is understanding others and working along with others. One-man army are bygone days, today everyone us are interdependent on others to work and achieve.

In past people worked with people from either the same age group, same culture etc. But today we have senior Vice-President who works with a young techie, the Senior VP might be an expert based on his experience but the techie at a young age is expert based on his competency and dexterity.

Let us take an example of Metro train projects where we have multiple companies from multiple countries building a state of art infrastructure in our country. To do such a humungous task, it is not only the expertise that is required it also requires the art of relating with people and working with people.

The present workplace is not only driven by technology from various parts of the world but also run by multi-cultured people.

How many of you have experienced a birthday wishes from google which was displayed in the google home page in your system? I am sure everyone would have experienced it. A large entity like google is studying individuals and trying to offer us solutions based on our search.

In today’s modern world, businesses are talking about customisation and building products and services around it. In such a situation our ability to understand others and work for others need has become a prime focus.

Interpersonal intelligence is not only about working with others, it is also working for others. Let’s understand what are those components required in building our interpersonal skills.

Emotional Intelligence: We have discussed about the need for emotional intelligence in our previous blog too. Kindly follow the below link to understand more about Emotional Intelligence.

Communication and Collaboration: Communicating with others, for others is an art and by developing this we are also developing our interpersonal intelligence too. Today companies like Swiggy have understood the people’s need and changing life style, which has resulted in communicating their services effectively and has resulted in a giant leap.

Collaboration is the key to growth. In the modern world Amazon’s collaboration with brands and delivery organisations has put Amazon in the list of best companies in the world.

By learning how to communicate and collaborate you are learning how to relate.

VUCA Leadership: We have discussed about VUCA in our previous blog too. Kindly follow the below link and to understand more about VUCA

Cross Cultural Awareness: The globe has shrunk as one entity in the world of business. A caller from US connects to a customer service representative working for US Company based out in Bangalore.Today that’s the order of the day. We are working with multi culture and hence understanding each other plays a vital role in filling the gap.

People from the west need to understand east and vice-versa. Today Amazon is able to address Indian festival needs and these kinds of sentiments adds value to the growth.

To know more about it follow the below link

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