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Program Features

  • Fully Online
  • New Age Employability Skills
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Development Plan
  • E-learning/Experiential learning
  • One to One Mentoring
  • Career Guidance
  • ILM Certification

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A world class Hi-Tech New Age Skill Development portal.

Identify your strengths and areas of development through our unique Psychometric Assessments.

Our International Certified Mentors help you to build your career successfully through a personalized Development Plan.

In-depth E-learning Modules provides insight in New Age Skills.

Practise the learning in your real life and become the premium choice of the employer.

Get certified by Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), an Internationally renowned certification body from U.K.

Certified Programs

Talentpepz provides short, mid and long-term employability skill development programs based on new age competencies required to excel in future job.

Zeta – 6 Months

Best Seller

Mu – 12 Months

Sigma – 18 Months

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Future starts today, not tomorrow...
We transform individuals to be the best they can be


To Develop and Transform the Younger Generation with New Age competencies


To unlock the aspirant’s potential through long-term online partnership, mentoring, e-learning and consulting to make their “Future Perfect”

50 Expert
20 Man Years of Research
110 Hrs. of Online Support
30 Hours of E-learning



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1. How is the Talentpepz program different from career counselling?

Talentpepz program is an aid to Aspirant’s personal and professional development. Talentpepz programs are holistic that focuses on aspirant’s transformation.

2. Who can participate in Talentpepz program?

School students (Secondary & Higher Secondary), College graduates and Mid-career professionals can participate in this program.

3. How does the Talentpepz program stand out from other online personal development programs?

Talentpepz programs are holistic that focuses on individual’s transformation rather than mere training.

1. Why is registration mandatory?

Talentpepz provides a holistic New Age Competencies / Personal and Professional development services. In order to enjoy the full service, it is mandatory for an Aspirant to register

2. How to edit the errors on the profile after registration?

Click on the ‘update profile’ option available in Aspirant’s dashboard to edit the errors.

3. Are there any additional benefits for the registered Aspirant?

Registered Aspirants will be able to enjoy the additional resources that are not available for public view

4. How confidential / safe are my personal information that are provided during registration?

Talentpepz is a highly secured web portal that will ensure the safety, security and confidentiality of the Aspirant’s personal data. We confirm that any of the provided data will not be shared/ revealed without obtaining prior permission. All the data are stored in highly secured server. 

5. What if I forget my password?

Click on “forget password” option in the login area and follow through the steps to retrieve your password.

6. Can we register as a group?

Talentpepz process focuses only on individual’s development. Therefore, registering as a group is not possible.

7. Who cannot enrol in Talentpepz?

Individuals below the age of 14 cannot enrol in Talentpepz.

1. What is Talentpepz refund policy?

Kindly refer to the Purchase Agreement in our web portal to know more about refund policy.

2. Can I pay in Foreign currencies?

Yes, the payment can be made in any foreign currency through our payment gateway. However, you are requested to refer your bank charges such as foreign currency conversion fee and taxes if applicable.

3. Will you help me to avail EMI facility?

Our payment gateway has tie up with 14 nationalised banks. Aspirants can avail EMI benefits through Your respective bankers.

4. How do I make the payment for the program?

Aspirants can make your payment using Net-banking / Debit / Credit cards through our payment gateway.

5. How do I avail discount coupon?

After selecting the package, before making the payment, there will be an option to “avail discount coupon” where you can input the given coupon code and avail the benefits.

6. How much does the program cost?

Aspirants can go through the self-explanatory Pricing video link provided in our web portal to know the cost details.

7. If I cannot complete a program on time can I extend it?

Talentpepz programmes are well designed, with the clear roadmap to finish within time frame.

8. What happens if the Aspirant is not interested to proceed with Talentpepz in the middle of the program and opts to withdraw?

Withdrawal in the middle of the program is not entertained. However, if the Aspirant decides to withdraw, he / she will not be entitled for refund of any amount / cost paid towards the program.

1. What kind of assessments do you provide?

Talentpepz provides a focused, reliable and validated Psychometric assessment that helps the individuals to identify their strength and area of development. The assessment with the focus of 16 key competencies. Aspirants will take assessments in Emotional stability, Professional Profiling and SMART Logic.

2. Is the assessment authentic, reliable and valid?

Talentpepz assessments are unique and customized with the focus of 16 key competencies. Emotional stability, Professional Profiling and SMART Logic. Our affiliate “Central Test” has developed the assessment with the help of experienced psychologists. Periodically our assessment’s will be validated for its reliability.

3. How precise are the assessment results?

Talentpepz assessment results are designed to identify one’s strength’s and area for development with a highly proven scientific approach. However, the assessment results are influenced by various factors like, your mindset while taking the assessment, environment (noise, distraction), focus, etc.

4. Will the Assessment be in English or is it available in other language?

Yes, the Assessments will be available only in English language. We do not provide Assessment in any other language.

5. Are Future Perfect Dynamics (FPD) Assessment results accepted by institutions?

Talentpepz Assessments are highly reliable and validated, designed by   highly experienced psychologists and developed by our affiliate Central Test who has a solid international expertise. Talentpepz assessment results will provide the right insight about an individual, their strengths, area of development etc. Any institution / organisations interested in understanding an individual’s capability and development can accept it.

6. How often do I have to go through Future Perfect Dynamics (FPD) assessment?

Aspirant will be taking up the Assessment twice. Before the commencement of the program and after the completion of the program.

7. Do I need any preparation for the “Future Perfect Dynamics (FPD)” Assessment?

No, there is no need for any preparation to take the Assessment.

8. How Future Perfect Dynamics (FPD) Assessment different from other’s?

Talentpepz assessments are unique and customized with the focus of 16 key competencies. Assessments are provided in Emotional stability, Personality profiling and SMART Logic. Our affiliate “Central Test” has developed the assessment with the help of highly experienced psychologists. Periodically our assessment’s will be validated for its reliability as well.

9. What is the duration of the Assessment? Do I have to take it in a single sitting?

Talentpepz Assessment will take place for One hour and Thirty minutes. It is further sliced into 3 parts which will take 30 minutes each to complete. As the Assessments are timed, each part could be comfortably completed in a single sitting. Between each part of the Assessment Aspirant can take a break of 15 to 20 min.

10. What if I fail in the Assessment?

There is no Pass or Fail in Assessment. It will only analyse your strength and area of development and reveal the Aspirant’s traits.

11. What happens if I am unable to understand my Assessment results?

Your assigned Mentor will explain / guide you to understand the Assessment results and prepare you to focus on your development.

12. Does Talentpepz allow taking only the psychometric Assessment?

No. Psychometric assessment is a component of the whole program.

13. What if I experience any technical problem while taking Assessment? 

In case the Aspirant experiences any technical issues during the Assessment then he/she can restart from where the Assessment got disconnected.

All the answers are saved and the Aspirant just needs to start from where he/she got interrupted.

Further, the Aspirant may also seek assistance by contacting the . Our technical team will be happy to assist you in this regard.

14. How do you ensure transformation?

Talentpepz does not ensure transformation, as transformation is a gradual phenomenon and a long-term process. However, we indicate the gradual transformation taken place as follows.

Aspirant will be taking up the Assessment twice. Before the commencement of the program and after the completion of the program. Aspirant’s pre and post Assessments are compared to show the transformation process.

1. Why is the job profile / position provided in my Assessment result different from my expectations?

The suitability of job profile / position is indicative based on the personality Assessment.  Aspirant will be further guided to understand the results in depth by their respective Mentors.

2. Will the Assessment and post Assessment results be available to me (Aspirant)?

Yes, the Aspirants can download the results for their reference. The results will remain in the portal for a period of 3 years.

3. How long the Assessment results will be stored in my (Aspirant) profile?

The results will remain under your profile for 3 years.

4. Will I (Aspirant) get guidance / support after post Assessment?

Yes, the final mentoring session will be focusing on the post Assessment and further development plans. After this the Aspirants can decide to continue with Talentpepz for an extended program.

5. What happens after the online Assessment?

Please follow the steps provided in Aspirant’s dashboard.

6. How much Talentpepz Assessment results are dependable?

Our assessments are highly reliable, validated, designed by highly experienced psychologists and developed by, our affiliate Central Test who has a solid international expertise in psychometric Assessments.

7. Do you have expert personnel to explain and make me understand the Assessment results?

Yes, Talentpepz Mentors are Internationally Certified and experienced to read, understand, explain and define the Aspirant’s development plan based on the Assessment results.

8. What if I want to take one more Assessment and re verify my results?

As Talentpepz Assessment results are highly reliable, it is not required to re verify the results. Still if you prefer to do so, you have to pay an additional fee for the extra Assessment and take the test. For additional fee details click here to submit your query.

1. How long does the Aspirant work with the Mentor?

The period of Mentoring depends on the program package the Aspirant has chosen. It could be 6, 12 or18 Months.

6 months Program

7 hours of Mentoring session

12 months Program

13 hours of Mentoring session

18 months Program

19 hours of Mentoring session

2. What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a process in which the Mentor supports the Aspirant (Mentee) to unlock the hidden potential and transform the Aspirant to face the challenges of personal / professional life.

3. Shall I change the Mentor if I have a valid reason?

Yes, Mentor could be changed based on a valid reason provided by the aspirant, however

  • Talentpepz will take the decision after thorough scrutiny of the previous session(s) and after having discussions with the Mentor.
  • Talentpepz will not entertain change of Mentor after the completion of third session.
  • In a given scenario, if the assigned Mentor leaves (due to unforeseen situation) the program, then, Talentpepz will assign a new Mentor to the Aspirant.

4. Will I get academic guidance from the Mentors?

No, you will get only Soft skill-oriented guidance from the Mentors.

5. What are all the Mediums available for Mentoring?

Talentpepz provides Mentoring through online only. No other medium is entertained.

6. Who can benefit from Mentoring?

Anyone who wants to grow, change or evolve in their personal /professional life can benefit from Mentoring.

7. Who are eligible to be mentored?

Talentpepz mentors the Aspirants from the levels of secondary school, college and professionals in their mid-career.

8. How long does each Mentoring session last?

Each Mentoring session takes place for a duration of 60 minutes.

9. Do I really need a personal Mentor; can't I just do it by myself?

Yes, only a Mentor can help you to bring out your hidden potential. It is a proven fact that working with a professional Mentor, will ensure successful transformation.

10. What topics can be covered in Mentoring?

Talentpepz provides mentoring on new age skill sets, such as Rational, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Future Perfect Dynamics.

11. How is Mentoring different from counselling?

Mentoring is a process that takes place between Mentor and the Aspirant (Mentee) where mentor helps to unlock the hidden potential of the Aspirant and transform the Aspirant’s personal / professional life.



More Informal






Development Oriented

Solution based

As mentioned by BRAD HAMBRICK

“If you wait until a crisis hits, it will feel impractical to try to identify a good mentor. Finding a mentor tends to be either preventative care (before a crisis) or after-care (solidifying progress and preventing new crises).”

12. What are the pre-requisites of a Mentoring Session to be successful?

  • Better understanding between Mentor and Mentee
  • Clear objectives for each session
  • Commitment towards continuing the relationship and the session
  • Dedication to continuous learning and completion of tasks assigned in between the sessions

13. What are the benefits of Mentoring an individual?

  • Improvement in individual’s performance, goal etc.
  • Increased ability to identify solutions to specific challenges
  • Improvement of specific skills / behaviour
  • Opportunity to correct the behaviour / performance difficulties
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development

14. Is it possible to get assigned to a Mentor from my own region?

Yes. Talentpepz recommends the Mentors to the Aspirant considering their Region, Language, age, expertise etc. Therefore the suggestion you receive will best match your expectations.

15. Will I have the liberty to select my program topics?

No, Talentpepz provides a highly structured / holistic program based on your assessment results.

16. What are the advantages of attending this program?

  • Transformation oriented program
  • Convenient, flexible and time saving
  • Opportunity to get guided by Internationally Certified Mentor
  • Comfortable e-learning environment
  • More interaction and with less distraction
  • Safe and confidential
  • Continuous, experiential and progressive learning
  • Interesting and interactive

17. Will you furnish enough details about Mentors

Yes, Talentpepz provides the required Mentor details for the Aspirants

18. Apart from the session do I have any chance to speak with Mentor like call or message?

No. You can reach the Mentor only through the Talentpepz portal.

1. What is Soft skill?

Soft skills are seen as the combination of behavioural, organizational skills and leadership skills that enables individuals to interact with others effectively to achieve the key deliverables. This will ensure the individual’s career growth.

2. What does Competency Framework mean?

Competency is a set of knowledge, skills, behavioural attributes required to deliver certain role or task with a minimum required standard.

A framework is a collective document that defines the competency level with the clear road map approach towards developing the competencies.

3. What are hard skills?

Hard skills are specific abilities which help individuals to carry out different jobs.

They are teachable, which means that you can develop them through dedicated training. And, for some careers, certain hard skills will be considered as prerequisites. Examples for hard skill: a degree – academic qualification, foreign language skill, computer skills, typing skill etc.

4. How Soft skills are related with Hard skills?

Click Here:

5. How do soft skills enhance hard skills?

Soft skills often compliment hard skills. For example, when an Aspirant develops the active listening soft skill he / she will be more receptive during the class room / lecturing activities. Likewise, many more examples could be provided.

6. Who provides hard skills?

Educational institutions provide hard skills.

7. What are the ways of developing soft skills?

Soft skills can be developed through Training programmes, E learning modules, self-development books etc.

8. Define skill Set.

A skill set is a particular category of knowledge, abilities, and experience necessary to perform a specific job. Specific skill set areas include human relations, research and planning, accounting, leadership, management, and computer skills.

9. Define Competency.

“A competency is more than just knowledge or skills. It involves the ability to meet complex demands, by drawing on and mobilising psychosocial resources (including skills and attitudes) in a particular context. For example, the ability to communicate effectively is a competence that may draw on an individual’s knowledge of language, practical IT skills and attitudes towards those with whom he or she is communicating.” (Source: OECD, 2003, p. 4)

10. What standards are adopted by Talentpepz in developing soft skills?

Based on the research Talentpepz developed the programmes in par with international standards and practices adopted by renowned organisations like, OECD, Montreal Canada etc.

11. Is Soft Skill a mandatory requirement to get employed?

Yes, soft skill is absolutely a mandatory requirement to get employed.

12. What are employability Skills?

The employability skills are the expectations of the corporate world from an employee towards delivering the job objectives efficiently and effectively. Examples of employability skills are communication and collaboration, problem solving, emotional intelligence, critical thinking etc.

13. Why should I develop employability skills?

The Employability skills are the basic needs for an individual to perform in a working environment efficiently and effectively.

14. Why I should give importance to soft skills other than academics?

Soft skills are as important as hard skills. It is the basic need for an individual to perform in a working environment efficiently and effectively.

15. If I’m not good at English, could I learn soft skill without any difficulty?

Yes, you can develop your soft skills with a basic English knowledge. Otherwise it is not possible.

16. Is online development as effective as class room instruction?

Yes, it is the most effective learning method in the near future. It has the following benefits

  • Convenient, flexible and time saving
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • More interaction and with less distraction
  • Continuous and progressive learning
  • Interesting and interactive

17. How will I know that I need a specific skill to get developed?

Psychometric Assessment will help the Aspirant to identify the need for specific skills that needs to be developed.

18. How are skills different from aptitudes?

Aptitude refers to an individual's ability to learn or perform certain skills. Aptitude tests refers to standardized tests designed to measure an individual's ability to develop certain skills.

19. Will Talentpepz provide class room sessions?

No, there will be no class room sessions available. The sessions are completely online.

20. What kind of system and gadgets I must have for an uninterrupted online learning?

Laptop / desktop/ Smartphone / Tablet / Phab with web cam, good Internet connection and power backup of minimum 1hour 20 minutes is required to have an uninterrupted online learning.

21. Are e-learning programs available in languages other than English?

Talentpepz provides e-learning content in English language only.

1. Are Talentpepz programmes certified?

Talentpepz programmes are designed in par with International Standard. Therefore, we seek accreditation with internationally renowned organisations. We hope to complete this process with the minimal time line. All aspirants will be offered with the Accreditation Certificate even after completing the program.

2. Are the Mentors certified and recognised globally? 

Yes, the Mentors are Internationally Certified and recognised globally.

1. Do you involve parents in the mentoring process?

No, we do not involve parents in the mentoring process unless it is required.

2. Being an online program can you ensure personal transformation and if so, how?

We can show the transformation and prove it through comparison of two Assessment results only with respect to the new age competencies.


1. In case of any disturbance like power cut/ loss of bandwidth/ any technical glitches in electronic gadgets etc., occurring to Aspirant or Mentor at the time of online session, what is the solution?

It is advised to have a power backup in case of laptop/mobile/ desktop.

But due to unforeseen technical problems, if there is a loss of connection between Mentor and Aspirant, Aspirant and/or the Mentor can reach to notify the situation.  The session can be rescheduled.

2. What is solution when the mentoring session disconnects abruptly. How can we notify Admin, Mentor and the Aspirant simultaneously?

 Both Aspirant and the Mentor can reach to notify the situation. The session will be rescheduled.

3. Will you provide any tool or assistance to explain further in detail after the Mentor completes his session?

Mentor will guide the Aspirant upon completion of every session and provide future development plans and actions (Assignments, Real time projects, Reading, Videos etc.).

4. Do you conduct any webinar?

No. We do not conduct any Webinar.

5. Are you introducing any app?

Yes, an App will be available for both Android and IOS users.

6. What are the interaction methods?

We interact through online mentoring sessions.

7. Will you provide me any employers database updates? 

No. We do not provide any employers database.

8. What is Future Perfect Dynamics (FPD)?

Future Perfect Dynamics focuses on the new age skill set.

It is required for individuals to excel in their personal and professional development.

1. Will I receive frequent promotional calls / Emails from Talentpepz?

Yes, Talentpepz will send promotional / developmental / informative E mail on fortnightly basis with the “option to unsubscribe” and NOT ON SALES perspective.

Talentpepz will use every digital media platform for its business development / promotional activities. However, our communication strategy will ensure respecting customer rights and values.

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